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We do not only meet your expectations, we exceed all limits!

We are a company that is dedicated to catering for all web and software needs, as well as graphic design, by combining creativity, strategic management, marketing and technical knowledge, along with extensive project management experience.
Our developers have a vast set of programming skills combined with technical knowledge and a solid understanding of computer hardware.
The message your business conveys, the growth and expansion of your business is our first priority.
E-business is growing and we strive to ensure that your business will stand out amongst others.

What We Do

Software Development

Almost everything around us revolves around technology, and technology relies on software to work. Whether you need a simple program or have an idea for profitable software, Minc Development can help you with the complicated parts.

Web Design and Development

We take every project extremely serious and focus on designing the most user-friendly, best looking websites around to satisfy each and every need of our clients. We spend hours in design and development to make sure you get what you pay for.

Graphic Design

Visual communication is very important when it comes to business. Whether you need branding or flyers for a new product, Minc Development can help you get noticed.

Computer Repairs

Minc Development has the necessary skills to give you support on any hardware as well as network related issues. Contact us with a detailed description of your problem or request one of our technicians to visit your offices for support.

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